Detoxifying Foods in Coimbatore

Weekends are Meant for taking enough rest and getting ensured , we are forgetting all the stress and throw the worries to the dustbin and getting sometime exclusively filled with romance, fun , pleasure or at least a feeling of YES – THE DAY IS FABULOUS.

Where to move on for getting that real experience and fill the spirits with the mere JOY AS WELL WITH REFRESHED MEMORIES.


A toned body might be your dream for a long time. While women crosses their thirties ( the same is applicable for men too ) , they tend to put on weight regardless of drastic diets . Slowing metabolism is the culprit. Hence the body shape would go for a change and the once awesome features becomes flabby and unattractive.

If you wanted to look young , you should maintain yourself with correct weight. Correct weight does not mean you should look pencil thin . You have to look fit and fabulous but should maintain a healthy weight and a sculpted muscle tone. Looking healthy and attractive is the key here. Corniche Inn is going to introduce some Elegant WEIGHT LOSS PACKAGES WHICH COMBINES THE LATEST METHODOLOGIES AND GOING TO WORK LIKE MAGIC IN GIVING YOU A NEW BODY WHICH IS EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE. You will get a new confidence beyond doubt.

Detoxifying Foods | Indian Yogasanas

weighlossHow a weightloss treatments day in Coimbatore, Corniche Inn resorts starts is much unique. You will see the welcoming charm in this hill area and will awaken in a fresh, free mood.

We are starting the initial days of weightloss treatments by giving detoxifying foods to help you to flush out the unwanted loads of stocks we have been holding for years in our body. You will be given a wonderfully fresh, cleansing, tasty juice in the Morning .

The juice might be either a vegetable juice or a fruit juice which depends upon your
body needs.

After giving some time for your internal cleansing routines, you will be taught the very traditional gift of Indian Yogasans on the terrace as the sun rises .

Weightloss treatments in coimbatore, The Indian Yogasanas session will be there for almost 45 minuites to one hour. Initially not much vigorous postures are being taught. You will be taught with some good postures which makes you feel much supple and flexible. The impact of Indian yogasanas will be great. Infact after doing routine exercises for hours like treadmilling ,weightlifting and so on , you will be exhausted. But while practicing yoga for weightloss at Corniche, you will know and realize the difference.

You will be fully energized, stress free and certainly will be tension free and will have a sure inner peace.

weightOnce you complete your yoga for weightloss sesssion, Indian Yogasanas, you will be taught Deep breathing technics , the right pranayama practices. Breathe controlling is very important for a healthy living.

As all are aware if we dont breathe it really means we are not alive. If you think about this for a while, you will understand the real value of breathing . By practicing the right breathing techniques and if you are becoming expertized in handling your breathe, you will see wonders happening in your life. You wont be remaining as the same emotional person as now if you continue this breathing techniques for a long time. You will achieve continous victories and you will get a real turning point in your life and will be fully filled with positive thoughts and attitudes.

After completing such important session, you will be provided with breakfast. For breakfast some fresh fruits - which again depends your body needs - which fruit is allowed and which is not . And along with fruits , you will be given with home made muesli and freshly squeezed juices.

The above will be an excellent kick-start for your health and fitness plans. If you would like to go ahead further, you will be taken for a small trek in the nearby surroundings. You will admire the beautiful location which greets you with innocent smile.

Some mornings we explore the countryside on bicycles. The programs i.e, either bicycling or trekking or whether you will be put into a Gym or whether you have to practice Tennis or Golf will be determined by our Health experts and depends upon individual body composition needs, the program will be added up with some changes. Even for foods it is applicable. Honey is a very good medicine as far as Indian Ayurvedic healing system is concerned. Wherein we could not use Honey for diabetics since it is very high in Glycemic Index. Even the exercises are being determined in such a way.

Weightloss treatments in coimbatore, Once this is over, you will be offerred with some light in between snacks. We follow 6 times food policy to keep a stable metabolism. After this session, you can have your best time in the swimming pool or can go for some nearby picnics or can enjoy wonderful spa sessions. In our exotic spas, we use aroma Oils for giving you a perfect, warmth relaxation and freshness.

The day closes either in the lawn or in the drawing room and Lunch and Dinners are being enjoyed with highly fresh , detoxifying foods and even if you would like to learn how to prepare the cuisines, you will be taught certainly by our Expert Chefs. You can wear very formal and relaxed dresses.

Weight Loss in Coimbatore Corniche Inn resorts is a family house as well a resort which is being designed for people who appreciate beauty, comfort and peace. We dont offer much luxuries. But we offer good Hygience and affection and no doubt you will be getting a feeling that you are just staying with your closest ones. The swimming pool is surrounded by the panoramic views of the stunning countryside beyond. It is certainly a wonderful place to unwind and relax after an invigorating hike!

We have a team of specialist masseurs, chefs, nutritionists, yoga instructors and personal trainers will be hosting several weeks here continously. You will be learning as well will be enjoying the long term benefits of weightloss, fitness, stress relief and a good well being which is of no doubt. Your days in Spas are much unique, specialized and wonderful.

If you could spare a week for practicing this yoga for weightloss or getting your weightloss treatments here , no doubt you will realize the negative effects of the foods we use continously on our body. The detoxifying cuisine preparations will leave you with lesser weight but with advanced fitness. No doubt you will get a highly unforgettable, inspriing and transforming experience.

Try our Countryside Resort in Coimbatore which has Bar, Conference Halls, Out door Games , small play park for Children, Campfires, Musical arrangements, Shuttle, Volleyball, Swimming Pool along with a FABULOUS RESTAURANT WHICH OFFERS PIPE STEAMING SOUTH INDIAN DELICACIES.



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