To Prevent Hair Loss

The healthy condition of the hair depends to a very large extent on the intake of sufficient amounts of essential nutrients in the daily diet. Hair is made up of Keratin a protein , which also makes up the nails and the outer layer of our skin. To prevent hair loss , we have to follow the below tips.

A Well Balanced Diet:
To prevent hair loss, women require 60 grams , men 80 to 90 grams , adolescent boys and girls 80-100 grams of protein daily. It is supplied by milk, buttermilk, Yogurt, Soyabean, eggs, cheese ,meat and fish. A deficiency of some of the B vitamins , of iron, copper and iodine may cause hair disorders like falling of the hair and premature greying of hair.

Immediately if you observe a severe hair loss, you have to stop all the fad diets and should started taking well balanced diets. An adequate quantity of vegetables, Nuts, seeds , green leafy vegetables , fresh fruits, egg, fish, chicken and milk should be included in their diet regularly.

If you start taking a well balanced diet, you will find some changes in the hair loss. We suggest you to visit our treatment Center for hair fall treatments in Coimbatore. Other than the diet tips, there are lot many things to follow. Dont panic. The regimen is simple and effective. Get your hormonal level checked as well check your liver functioning capacity.

If you have a fatty liver, there are possibilities that hair loss could not be controlled. Now a days , since having lots of advanced medical treatments everything is possible.

But be much preventive. After becoming bald, if you could try out for hair-regrowth treatments, results are not assured. You have to go only for surgical treatments or hair implantation treatments. But if you could give an advanced attention, we can reverse the entire scenario.

The following are Step by step Procedures and Tips for Reversing the Hair loss: Tips for reversing the Hair loss:

1. Drink Lots of Water which will flush out your toxins and purify your entire system.

2. coimbatore hair fall treatmentsDont load yourself with too much of Pastries. Eat lots of Fibre Rich foods, Complex Carbohydrates, Lots of Nuts like Almonds, walnuts , atleast 8 cashews per day ( if you are overweight limit your cashewnut intake to 3-4 per day). Take lots of Greens , atleast one cup of any green daily and add cabbage, broccoli, turnip, Carrots, Beetroots in the diet. Eat plenty of salads so that you wont be added up with calories. If you are having normal blood cholesterol and your Triglyceride level is perfect, then you can add 2 teaspoons of butter daily. Dont forget to eat lots of Protein in any of your Major meal. Fish, Chicken , Eggs are greatest source of animal protein and vegetarians can use Whey protein and Tofu to supplement protein intake.

3. Wash your hair with Shikakai instead of Shampoo. If you are an office goer or having a busy life style and dont have enough time to use Shikakai, you can go for some mild , branded shampoos. After shampooing wash the hair properly. Then apply conditioner and leave for 10 minuites and after that you can clean the scalp thorough. Dont blow dry . Always try to dry the hair naturally.

4. Weekly thrice on alternative days, you can go for a headbath.

5. Brush your hair daily - It should not be a vigorous brushing. Should have mild , effective brushing on the scalp. Do atleast for 10 minuites if not daily but on alternate days. If your hair fall is severe, avoid combing wet hair . Wet hair is very weak and if you comb your hair while it is wet, severe damage will be caused to hair.

6. Hair Massages: Dont irritate the hair too much. Take some herbal Oils and gets the same mildly heated. Dab the oil in cotton and apply on the scalp. Do little massaging . Dont be too much vigorous. Always should have a very mild message. Should do massage for atleast 15 minuites. The massage should be much relaxed . Dont do the massage by giving lots of pressure and you should not feel tensed during scalp massage. Try our hair fall treatments in Coimbatore

Corniche Inn offers exclusive Hair fall treatments in Coimbatore - If you seek an iimmediate solution for reversing the hair loss and seeking a lustrous, healthy hair .


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