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Corniche Inn resorts , Coimbatore is going to introduce very soon the MOST EXCITING , Highly advanced Beauty Treatments which would help you Pamper yourself , mould yourself, tighten your arms and sculpt your body , enhance your Skin tone to little more fairness , Laser therapies combined with aroma therapy sessions for VERY THICK ,LUSTROUS HAIR GROWTH AND SO ON..


Naturopathy Treatments in Coimbatore | Naturopathy Treatments Corniche INN Resorts, Coimbatore

Naturopathy is a system of alternative healing that treats various bodily disorders through natural methods and there are lots of different naturopathy treatments in India available for getting the exclusive results we wanted.reservations

Naturopathy developed in the West in the late 19th century, as a reaction against the excessively harsh allopathic and surgical treatments that were being prescribed for minor illnesses.

naturopathyNaturopathy treatments in India are based on the system of holistic healing, like Unani, Ayurveda and other systems of alternative medicine in India.

According to naturopathy practitioners, diseases of the body are caused by an unhealthy environment that suppresses the immune system.

The mind is considered crucial in any healing process, so the naturopathy system is often though to be rooted in mysticism.

During the course of naturopathy treatments in India, you will find that naturopathy is often practiced in conjunction with other alternative therapies like homeopathy.

Naturopathy treatments involve magnet therapy, mud therapy, chromotherapy etc.

Naturopathy in our Corniche Inn Resorts, India is practiced by registered practitioners who offer people from within and outside the country an alternative to surgery and allopathy.

Naturopathy weight loss in India through Corniche Inn spa resorts Coimbatore offers an effective remedy for the long term obesity solutions.

naturopathyIf you intended to live based on nature and would like to eat the wonderful , tasty fruits and vegetables which contains lots of rare enzymes and seeks the life which is much natural, then the programs made by Corniche Inn resorts Coimbatore are suiting your expectations.

Please note cooked foods are not completely avoided and even diabetics can eat fruits and our experts nutritionists offers you with a wonderful menu systems to heal your body from within , naturally. Even skin rejenuvation treatments in India are the part of the Naturopathy treatments which are being offered by the spa resorts in Coimbatore.

Natural Treatment :
Apart from the skin rejenuvation treatments in India, there are several naturally found materials in India that offer economical natural treatments through naturopathy. Some of these are the lemon, milk and salt.

Lemon and Naturopathy :
For cough, cold and fever, lemon is very effective. Squeeze a lemon in a glass full of water and drink repeatedly. This will cure all of the three ailments. But if the fever is high and makes one thirsty, boil the water.reservations

This will bring down the fever and reduce the thirst. If the cold is severe, it can be added to the required amount of honey in the above mixture. Another very beneficial method is as follows: cut a lemon in half, add in it salt, ground black pepper and powdered molasses.

Heat this and squeeze the juice directly on the tongue. To remove the freckles on the face, rub a piece of lemon on them and they will lighten considerably. Sprinkling a little alum on the lemon works wonders for the complexion.

Rubbing half a lemon on the teeth not only makes the teeth shiny and bright but will also cure bad breath. To reduce the body weight adds a little salt and one lemon to 350 ml of lukewarm water and drink daily on an empty stomach. You can also substitute honey to salt.

Milk and Naturopathy :
Milk should ideally be consumed in the morning since it is believed that the heat of the sun helps in digestion of milk. Adding sugar to milk is very harmful since it not only induces phlegm, it also destroys the calcium content in it. It should be drunk at room temperature if possible. However, if one prefers warm milk, then do not overheat it.

Naturopathy treatments in India Overheating destroys all its beneficial elements. For the sweetening of milk and easy digestion, one can add honey to it. If one is suffering from cough, constipation, diarrhea, stomachache, or indigestion, he/she should avoid consumption of milk. For acidity, drink cold milk twice a day.

For hiccups, it is advised to warm a glass of milk and drink. In addition, for tiredness, a glass of warm milk will prove effective. For wrinkles, pimples and blemishes, warm milk can be applied.

After half an hour, wash the face with clean water. One has to do it regularly before sleeping at night; then it will solve the problem and improve the complexion. Adding a little saffron to a spoonful of fresh milk and applying it on the lips will cure their darkness and make them softer. If one is suffering from an itchy rash, add a little water to some milk and apply on the rash with cotton wool and then wash. It will stop the itch and cure the rash.

Salt and Naturopathy :
Salt is good only in small quantities and rock salt is better than sea salt. Eating excessive salt weakens the gums and is also the cause of body odor. Due to excessive consumption of salt, body cells die, and when these dead cells come out through the pores with perspiration, the odor is very strong and foul.

To help the situation, one can consume salt in very small quantities. Salt is very drying; hence, excessive amounts of salt will cause unnatural thirst. But it can be very beneficial as well.

In a headache, keep a pinch of salt on the tongue or smell a mixture of three grams of salt in one-fourth cup of water. For a stomachache, mix half a spoon salt in a glass of hot water and drink.

This will not only cure the pain but will also remove the cause of the pain. For softening the skin, wet the skin and take a fistful of salt and rub in circular motions and then wash. It is advised to do it once a week and it will slough off dead skin, thus making it soft. For cracking heels or rough feet, soak the feet in warm water by adding some salt to it.

Corniche Inn spa resorts in Coimbatore offers naturopathy weight loss in India treatments and naturopathy hair fall treatments which are being supported by the outer body treatments using herbal oils and aroma oils depends upon the individual body needs.

Any way, through the naturopathy weight loss in India, it is quite obvious, you will attain the youth looking , slim beauty with the bonus benefit of younger looking skin and the regrowth of your lost hair.

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