Diet For Hair Loss

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Diet For Hair Loss | Hair fall treatments in Corniche INN Resorts, Coimbatore | Hair loss treatments

Diet For Hair Loss

If your diet is a healthiest one, then there are lots of other causes you have to check and scrutinize to determine the cause of your hair loss. reservations

Check out the right diet for hair loss to keep your hair healthy . Bill Gottlieb says in his Alternative cure, frequent dyeing of hair with the chemicals causes a severe damage to the scalp and causes heavy hair fall. Stress is the another major danger which makes the hair comes out in heaps.

hairOnce you observe a severe hair fall, stop going for chemical hair dues and and start taking vitamin supplements.

Hair fall treatments in Corniche INN Resorts

Change your shampoo immediately. While choosing the best diet for hair loss, you can go for some natural medicines which certainly help counteracting an inherited hair loss issue.

Vitamin E, Golden Maidenhair (found in a tea shampoo), red sage extracts (also found in some shampoos) and formulas that mix turmeric with horsetail or oat straw are all found to prevent or slow the process of hair loss. Additionally, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in starch may slow down the hair loss process.

In average, we used to shed between 50-100 strands every day. If more strands are falling than that, we have to make some life style changes to get it counteracted.

Coimbatore | Hair loss treatments

Americans face a severe hair fall issue and majority of Americans are keeping on going bald. The reason is fad diets causes hair fall. This is because they follow the High fat, High protein diet.

hairIf you follow a diet which is very high in Protein as well high in fat like Atkins diet, just follow it for two or three months.

No doubt, you will feel a severe hair loss in a minimum of two to three months. Those unworthy diets lacking most of the nutrients considered as fad diets causes hair fall. If you are going for Liquid diets like Optifast , Medifast etc., a severe hair loss is being reported.

Though medifast claimed to be very good for losing weight, hair fall could not be avoided. Avoid consuming excessive amounts of animal fats, animal proteins, and salt. This may help delay hair loss in men prone to male pattern baldness as well females also getting benefited by this elimination.

Zinc deficiency is the another major reason for thinning of hair. You have to get yourself supplemented with Zinc. Sulfur is also helpful on this issue.

Important diet tips for reversing hair loss:

The diet should comprise of the following if you would like to get the hair loss reversing.

Drink two liters of water daily. The main diet tips for reversing hair loss is as under.

For Morning breakfast, consume Tomato Juice - dont add sugar - but add bit of Chat masala and salt for taste.

Take two or three tomatos. + After two hours you can take Museli or Oots with one cup of skimmed milk. After two hours gap , take one full glass of Buttermilk - add spinach and coriander leaves , put bit of salt and drink a good tasty buttermilk - even one big Glass is of no issue. While you are taking buttermilk take 10-12 almonds or 6 cashews or 10 pistachios.

diet for hair loss, fad diets causes hair fall, important diet tips for hair lossFor Breakfast - take Half cup Low Glycemic Rice if you are a rice lower or go for full bran chapathis / rotis - take two Chapathis and 2 Cups raw vegetables + One cup Curd ( Skimmed variety ) + 1 Cup Greens - Keerai + 1/2 cup of broccoli / cabbage / carrot / cauliflower/mushroom or any low glycemic vegetables. If you are filled just leave it or you can take two tumblers of Tomato Rasam .

If you are not on a diet of losing weight, you can add 1/2 cup Channa Dhal/rajma/grean peas prepared as per your taste. Sprouted green gram is also advisable . Apart from this should be the 150 Gram Protein portion i.e, Any variety of Fish/ grilled chicken / Meat - Grilled / 4 egg whites + with One Yolk . If you are a pure vegetarian, you can go for 100 Gms Tofu / 50 Grams cottage Cheese.

If you are a desert lover or having a sweet tooth, you can take One Small wafer Biscuit .

The other important diet tips for reversing hair loss is as under:

Evening take tea or coffee - Dont go for artificial sweeteners except Stevia. You can use 1 to 1/2 teaspoons of sugar + skilled milk and prepare a nice two or coffee in the evening. Drink it to your heart's content.

Take some Roasted Soya beans or two Mary biscuits to add more charm to the diet.reservations

During Night - follow a dinner as indicated in the Lunch or some soya based preparations like Soya Dosa , Soya Uppuma, Soya Pulao and so on.

The above diet is nutritionally balanced . It is a low fat - modified version. It is not a low carbohydrate diet .

But mostly of Low glycemic diet. While choosing vegetables also, dont go for Potato , Yam , Yellow Pumpkin etc., if you are a Diabetic or intended to loss weight but to prevent hair fall. Keep in mind fad diets causes hair fall and avoid all fad diets.

The above diet is of real help to prevent hair fall and you will feel the difference within 15 - 30 days.

At Corniche Inn, we have special Diet Therapy sessions which contains the herbal recipes specially prepared for reversing the hair loss and there are wonderful hair care treatments in Corniche which will give the right remedy what you are looking for.


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