open air party in corniche inn resort

open air party in corniche inn resort

Our Corniche Inn Resorts in Coimbatore open air party celebrations for very special events like Birthdays, Wedding days , bachelor Group celebrations, School / college reunions etc.,

Mouthwatering Recipes / Menus given . Vegetarian Chotour planices like Shahi Paneer, Tandoori Dishes, Aloo Dishes and Manchurians, Pulaos and exotic Non vegetarian Dishes available at the restaurant here. The swimming pool , the shuttle Court, Volley Ball , Rings , Tennis , Ball Bad Minton , Childrens Park and Table Tennis offers us an opportunity to play like Children.

The Air Parties in the Musical Background take you to the Prime of Youth. The Moments would make you to get burst into Joy. The Air parties parties at our Resorts in Coimbatore is a life time experience.

Relaxation is the Most part needed in our life. The Hectic Days and work pressures makes us feel we have got loaded with unwanted baggage’s for life time. Give some days for us and put a schedule. To say the least ,

come out of the Country Crowd and enjoy the most elegant days in the Hill resorts of Coimbatore which is being also to be stated as the Best Budget Hotel in Coimbatore . Get the soul merged into the Natures beauty and forget the disturbances the busy crowds gives and push your Body and Mind for a perfect Relaxation.

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Rooms avaliable

Single Room and A/c room

The rooms are fully furnished with comfortable carts and facilites like television, balcony, well furnished furnitures etc. within the dome of nature

single and double Cottage

individual cottages, you will feel relaxed and feel yourself comfort to the maximum, the natural landscape and climate surrouds the cottage.

King and Queen Suite

The King Sized Suite which offers you much space bigger than a any other rooms which includes a living hall with double cart beds and lots of facilites.

Swimming pool and Games Court

Our pool has the dramatic lighting, which changes your mood and environs. The dazzling lights at our pool creates entertaining atmosphere.

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