Get-together party in corniche inn resort

get-together party in corniche inn resort

Our Corniche Inn Resorts in Coimbatore treats your party with lots of fun, frolic and entertainment.

A get together is a small, casual gathering, usually designed for a group of friends who are all comfortable with each other. This differs from an event like a party, which may include a large mixed group, or a dinner, which is a formal event with a guest list which can vary considerably in size and composition. Many people enjoy attending or organizing get togethers, viewing them as an important part of their social lives.

In addition to friends, a get together may include people linked by another common bond. Offices, for example, might hold get togethers to encourage employees to socialize and get to know one another.

People can also meet over common issues of interest, arranging get togethers as an alternative to formal organized meetings to give people a chance to connect with people who have similar interests. A local political party office, for example, might hold a get together for members of the party.

The events at a get together vary widely. Some may include board games or party games, while in others, people are left to their own devices. Simple party snacks are commonly on offer, with people typically serving themselves from an array set out buffet-style. Drinks of non-alcoholic and alcoholic varieties are also usually included. Many people play background music on a stereo or sound system for atmosphere, and some people like to decorate for a get together to make people feel like the occasion is special.

When you are invited to a get together, the assumption is usually that the event will be casual. You are not required to show up at a specific time, although you may be asked to attend during a particular time frame, such as six to nine in the evening. Generally, because get togethers are not formal, it is safe to bring a guest or two, although you may want to check with the host, especially if the guest is not known to other party attendees. While you are not required to bring anything to a get together, many people like to bring a present for the host as a way of thanks, such as a houseplant, some flowers, or something to serve at the buffet.



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Single Room and A/c room

The rooms are fully furnished with comfortable carts and facilites like television, balcony, well furnished furnitures etc. within the dome of nature

single and double Cottage

individual cottages, you will feel relaxed and feel yourself comfort to the maximum, the natural landscape and climate surrouds the cottage.

King and Queen Suite

The King Sized Suite which offers you much space bigger than a any other rooms which includes a living hall with double cart beds and lots of facilites.

Swimming pool and Games Court

Our pool has the dramatic lighting, which changes your mood and environs. The dazzling lights at our pool creates entertaining atmosphere.

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