birthday party in corniche inn resort

birthday party in corniche inn resort

Our Corniche Inn Resorts in Coimbatore treats your Birthday party with lots of fun, frolic and entertainment.

We will plan for you to make this specal day to be a super success. Everything right from decoration, food, favors to games needs to be settled prior to the party.

The ambience of the party should be one that exudes exuberance and vibrancy.

In case you are throwing a surprise birthday party, our Corniche Inn Resorts in Coimbatore make it a really surprise to the guest of honor.

Birthdays are joyfull occasions and bring in new hopes and aspirations to life. Remember, your birthday is as special as you are. You add yet another glorious year to your life.

Leaving behind your past and sour endings, you are all set to look forward to fresh and new beginning and bask in the glory of new found hopes.

With all your loved ones near you, the best way to enjoy yourself on this wonderful day is by planning a birthday party celebration.

You can either throw the party yourself or let your friends and family organize one for you, while you sit back and enjoy the attention and affection being showered on you!. 


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Rooms avaliable

Single Room and A/c room

The rooms are fully furnished with comfortable carts and facilites like television, balcony, well furnished furnitures etc. within the dome of nature

single and double Cottage

individual cottages, you will feel relaxed and feel yourself comfort to the maximum, the natural landscape and climate surrouds the cottage.

King and Queen Suite

The King Sized Suite which offers you much space bigger than a any other rooms which includes a living hall with double cart beds and lots of facilites.

Swimming pool and Games Court

Our pool has the dramatic lighting, which changes your mood and environs. The dazzling lights at our pool creates entertaining atmosphere.

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