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Breakfast is usually the first meal of the day. Breakfast foods varreservationsy widely from place to place, but often include a carbohydrate such as grains, fruit and/or vegetable, protein, dairy, and beverage. Coffee, tea, juice, cereal, pancakes, sausages, bacon, loaf cakes, fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, baked beans, muffins, crumpets and toast with butter and/or jam are common examples of breakfast foods, though a large range of preparations and ingredients are associated with breakfast globally.

Nutritional experts have referred to breakfast as the most important meal of the day, citing studies that find that people who skip breakfast are disproportionately likely to have problems with concentration, metabolism, and weight.

Breakfast in Coimbatore

breakfastWhen eating a healthy breakfast, you're more likely to:

* Consume more vitamins and minerals

The Nationwide Food Consumption Survey (NFCS) revealed that adequate amounts of calcium, iron, Vitamin A and zinc are often missing from American Diets and skipping breakfast happens to be the biggest contributing factor.

Healthy Breakfast

* Have better concentration and productivity throughout the morning

Studies show that eating breakfast provides energy that can increase concentration levels. Eating a morning meal can also help prevent unwanted sugary cravings throughout the day when we start to feel sluggish and need an energy boost.

* Control your weight

breakfastEating the proper fortified breakfast combination, will leave your appetite content and your stomach full until lunch time leaving you no reason to partake in excessive eating. According to a study from the USDA, kids who eat breakfast are less likely to become obese, 22% of breakfast skippers were said to be obese, compared to 15 percent for cereal eaters.

Breatfast varities in Corniche INN Resorts, Coimbatore

* Have lower cholesterol, which may reduce your risk of heart disease

A survey of 4,000 households from General Mills, Inc. showed that adults who ate cereal for breakfast consumed fewer calories from fat throughout the day and 40% less cholesterolreservations

* Meet daily nutrient requirements
* Have better problem-solving skills
* Improves hand-eye coordination
* Become more alert
* Increased creativity
* Having more energy and motivation resulting partaking in more physical activity

What counts as a healthy breakfast?

A healthy breakfast should contain some protein and some fiber. Protein can come from low fat meats, eggs, beans or dairy. Fiber can be found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits. The American Cancer society recommends that the daily consumption of fiber be between 20-35 grams per day.[7] However taking too much can cause valuable nutrients to be bound with the fiber and not get absorbed through the intestines. Try to stay away from the sugary cereals, syrups, pastries, and white breads because they are digested quickly and will leave you hungry and tired in a couple of hours. Protein and fiber satisfy your hunger and will keep you feeling full until lunch time.

Some examples of what to eat are listed below:

* Whole grains= whole-grain rolls, bagels, hot or cold whole-grain cereals, low-fat bran muffins, crackers
* Low-fat protein= peanut butter, lean meat, poultry or fish, or hard-boiled eggs
* Low-fat dairy= skim milk, low-fat yogurt and low-fat cheeses, such as cottage and natural cheeses
* Fruits and vegetables= fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, 100 percent juice beverages without added sugar, or fruit and vegetable smoothies.


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